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BFHA Fall Play Day

WFHA headed north to Baltimore to compete in the BFHA Fall Play Day on Oct. 1st. After three straight hours of hockey, WFHA walked away with a 1-2 record.

It was a tough day with teams from all over the area, and the competition was about to get bumping.

At this moment Ty was glad this wasn't a rugby match.

"Bend with your knees or you're gonna get back problems" - Julie

So close!




Julie pauses for a mid-game snack.

When you cant hit it into the back of the net, you might as well try to throw it.

Myrthe is dubious about George's passion for the game.

We swear this did NOT hit her in the face.


We were definitely the best looking team.

And we won the spelling portion of the event.

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