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WFHA sends teams to compete in tournaments ranging from local just for fun tournaments to the USFHL National Club Championships.

Our aims for tournaments are:
1) to put forward competitive teams and
2) to offer access to tournaments to as many of our members as possible.


To that end, tournaments with different levels of play have different recruiting norms. When it matches the level of play at the tournament, we will have open signups which all members can access.  For high-level tournaments, players will be selected based on demonstrated skill during season play, as well as overall club commitment.


Players invited to represent WFHA at any tournaments must be active members of the club, having played during a WFHA season within the past year (Pick Up or League). First rounds of tournament invites always go to those that have participated in the most recent league or pick up season.

To stay informed of tournament opportunities, please subscribe to our email list.

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