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Summer Smash 2017

When the temperatures reach the nineties, and the humidity makes your hair do it's best impression of the Bangles, that's when it's time for Summer Smash. Baltimore Field Hockey's annual 7v7 tournament in Howard county.

This year the tournament was played at Troy Park, a venue so new - the bathrooms weren't even finished yet!

eww, porta-johns

Amanda's thoughts on the porta johns.

But underterred by the heat, WFHA set out to win some hockey and make a few enemies along the way.

WFHA and ponytails were off and soaring high.

Shots were rapid fire.

Right post was no where to be seen.

Every loose ball was heavily contested.

After going 2-2 in group play, it was off to the knockout bracket. In the first knockout game, after a last minute comeback by the opposition, WFHA found itself in a pentaly stroke shootout.

But we had faith in our strokers, and in our goalie.

Melissa is first up, and she does her very best Gary Anderson impression: Wide Left

Our next hope was Karynne.

If Amanda misses this one it's all over.....

And that was all she wrote. Your thoughts on that shot Amanda?

Despite the heartbreaking loss, we all had a great time.

Hope to see everyone again next year!

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