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Beach Bash, Saturday Action

The hockey action kicked off on Saturday as WFHA started group play at Beach Bash. The sun was out in force, and so were the Swamp Donkeys (the unofficial team mascot.) WFHA hee'd and haw'd their way to a 1-2-0 record, with goals by Gregor, and Julia (her first ever in an official match!). Angela had around 42 saves, and the donkeys collectively sweat about 4 gallons.

Forgive the squinting, the sun was seriously bright.

Save number 10 out of a million.

Bill giving it everything he's got.

Amanda runs down the ball with vengenance.

"Block tackle? What tackle?" - Anna

I think we're trying to be pirates maybe....

Jessica's hair protects her face from the carcinogenic black pebbles.

Jimena, after a few days away from the kids.

"Please remain in the seated position."

"Is that a camera?" - Anna

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