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St. Paddy's Day Hockey!

The Savage Sports Complex in Laurel, MD closed this weekend, but not before a St. Paddy's Day blow out. WFHA sent two teams to compete for the pot of gold (which, in this case, was a cooler of beer).

Ryan, Madison, Melissa, Allison, Bill, Gregor and Anand showing off the new WFHA uniforms.

Top: Gio, Andrew, Amanda, and Meghan

Bottom: Stephen, Lauren, Tamara and Angela.

Andrew and Stephen join in the after party, while I sneak my hand into the cheesepuffs bowl.

Madison struggles to win even a single hand of Joking Hazard.

The tournament losers are forced to do the humiliation ritual. Luckily both WFHA teams avoided the chagrin.

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