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WFHA Additional League Rules

If there is only 1 or fewer goalies the following rule changes:

  • Team without the goalie plays with 11 field players

    • If a team only has 10 field players, they will only play with 10 field players

  • No corners for the team without the goalie

    • ​​If a player defending the empty net is deemed to be intentionally fouling due to lack of corner rule, umpires should card the player, starting with a green

    • If a foul occurs inside the circle with the empty net, play is restarted at the broken line.

    • Hold for advantage as long as possible on the empty net

  • All goals must cross the goalline 18” or below.

    • No high goals, regardless of hit/push/flick (similar to hits on a corner)

    • May hit sideboards or backboard. 

  • Goalie will switch at the quarter and not at the half. 


Regarding late players:

  • 8 field players required to start a game

    • If a team does not have 8 players within 8 minutes of the start time, it is considered a forfeit. The team that is short may borrow subs in order to play a friendly exhibition.

  • Borrowing subs

    • During the regular season, a team may "borrow" a sub if both captains agree to it. 

    • This may NOT happen during the playoffs. 


Seeding Tiebreakers:

A tie is broken in the following order (note, in no case is goal differential a determinant. There is no advantage gained by running up the score.)

  1. Head to head results

    1. If a 3 way tie, total points earned against the other 2 teams, i.e. “common games”. 

    2. If a 3 way tie, and 2 teams have equal points in common games, use h2h between the two teams with the same number of points in the games amongst the 3 tied teams. 

  2. Team that had the better attendance of full season players (i.e. less reliance on subs.)

  3. Coin flip 


Playoffs rules:

  • At least 7 players from the original team must be present for the playoffs. If a team does not have at least 7 players, they automatically forfeit the round. 

  • In the event of a weather or otherwise unforeseen cancellation, the higher seeded team automatically advances.

  • Full season players may not play for another team during the playoffs. 

  • Tiebreakers

    • Draws are decided by shootouts, starting with a best of three.

      • Each team nominates 5 shooters, they cannot be subs. Sudden Death after the 3rd round. If a 6+ round is needed, recycle through the 5.

      • Same goalie defends against each team. E.g. Goalie 1 defends the first round for each team, goalie 2 defends the second round for each team, alternating until a winner has been determined.

    • There will be no shootout for the 3rd place game.

      • 3rd place winner will be determined by which team is best represented at the after season social.

      • If equally represented, 3rd place is awarded to the team that sings a better rendition of “Waterloo” by ABBA (bonus points for a non-English version).


Underage players:

No players under the age of 18 can be deemed eligible to play with WFHA. This includes pickup and league play. This update was made keeping in mind safety as a number one priority, and also noting the increase in opportunities especially for male youth players. 

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