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President, Ryan Fleming

Ryan first started playing field hockey on his college club team, and took to it like a Labrador to a tennis ball. He's been playing since 2010, and has loved every minute of it. After college, he continued to be involved in the sport, both coaching and playing. He joined WFHA in 2015 took over as president in 2016. You can reach him at

Vice-President, Meg Lillis

Meg has been playing field hockey since middle school and played at Lafayette College. She joined WFHA when she moved to DC and enjoys the fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere of the club. Meg also captained WFHA's first women's team at the USFHL National Adult Club Championships, where the team finished 5th. 

Treasurer, Rachel Huang


Rachel began playing field hockey regularly as a freshman in high school after being exposed to the sport in a local youth rec program. She went on to play at University of Pennsylvania as a forward/midfielder. After graduating, WFHA provided a fun and social space for Rachel to continue her love for this technical and competitive sport. 

RachelH_board_pic (1).jpg

Secretary, Lizzy Banta


When Lizzy started college at Brown she wanted to try out a new sport. She went to one ultimate frisbee practice and one club field hockey practice and picked field hockey. She chose well. After graduation when Lizzy moved to DC, she was convinced by Ryan to come out for a WFHA tournament because "we needed bodies on the field." She had a great time and later joined the organization and has played or subbed every season since. 

Pickup Chair, Bill Levey

Bill started playing field hockey in 2003 when he joined WFHA and has been playing with various groups in the DC area ever since. Besides his current position, Bill has served as President, VP, and TreasurerBill coached field hockey for six years (2007-2012) at several Fairfax County schools at Freshman, JV, and Varsity levels.  He currently umpires Virginia High School League games along with indoor and outdoor USA Field Hockey games.  Bill holds a USA Field Hockey Level 1 Umpire rating.


Spring Chair, Emily Polinski

Emily started playing field hockey in 9th grade after Rachel Huang convinced her to give it a try. Of course, Rachel wad right; field hockey is the best. Emily has been a goalkeeper ever since, playing at Tufts University before moving to DC. She has played with WFHA on and off since 2018. Emily is excited for an awesome Spring League! 

Summer Chair, Aly Nada


Aly Start playing hockey in Egypt and he was happy to find WFHA and continue playing with in the United States. When he's not playing hockey Aly loves to eat Chick-fil-a. He has even achieved ultra-Platinum status on the Chick-fil-a app, earning a personal phone call from Dan Cathy. He missed the phone call though because he was busy and lost track of time. He's confident he can earn another phone call again in the near future.


Fall Chair, Rachel Barrack 

Rachel started playing field hockey in 10th grade after a friend convinced her to drop soccer and try hockey. She also played on the Washington Wolves and then at the University of Maryland. Yes Ryan, the rumors are true :) She took a break from field hockey for many years and when she was ready again, she googled Maryland field hockey club teams and found her way to WFHA. Rachel has been Fall Chair ever since she volunteered for the position due to the persistence she got from Ryan. Rachel really misses playing hockey with this great club! Can’t wait to be on the pitch again with everyone!  

Social Media Chair, Julie Seirig

Julie is returning to us after a year in New York City! We will provide more about her and a picture (in case you forget what she looks like) soon!!

Social Events, Chrissy Bradford

Chrissy comes from Maine where she played field hockey throughout high school and college. Chrissy is a forward who every season tries to score as many goals as she has fingers, which is 9. She lost her pinky in a lobster pot, but claims it did attract the "biggest lobstah ya evah sahw."

When she's not playing hockey she likes to engage in debates on internet forums about "who wore it better."


Local Tournament Chair, Melissa Chen

Melissa Chen lives a quiet life and she's generally a quiet person, unless you talk to her about cryptocurrency. She's constantly trying to hype up her new Corgi-coin which she says is going to blow dogecoin and Shiba Inu out of the water.

When she's not crafting scam coins, she plays midfield and tries to convince people that living in Anne Arudel County "is really not that bad."

Travel Tournament Chair,  Annie Pestel 

Annie first picked up a field hockey stick in 3rd grade and has been crazy about the sport ever since. Although the U.S. Military Academy did not have a field hockey team, Annie was Captain of their DIV I track team, training up for her future at WFHA.

Annie has been playing with WFHA since she moved to the DC area in 2018. She is living out all her unfulfilled field hockey dreams getting to play competitively with friends who love the sport as much as she does. She’s already brainwashed her 1 year old daughter who can be found running around the field with a hockey stick in hand.

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